A citywide visual arts program centered on two-month residencies in conjunction with exhibitions, installations, screenings, open studios, and conversations at major New York City institutions; including an unprecedented academic symposium about contemporary art practice and history in Cambodia.

Co-Curated by Leeza Ahmady and Erin Gleeson


IN RESIDENCE invites New York City audiences to engage with new perspectives on Cambodia’s history and contemporaneity through a citywide visual arts program centered on two-month residencies, complimented by a dynamic map of public programs including solo exhibitions, screenings, symposiums, open studios, and conversations with artists and curators critically involved in shaping Cambodia’s unique contemporary art scene.

For decades, Cambodia has been subject to international field research – a practice that has largely shaped distanced, third person perspectives around the nation’s occupied and traumatic histories. In the last decade, it is largely Cambodia’s local and diaspora visual artists who, by giving form to their experiences, are responsible for anchoring critical first-person perspectives.

To extend these unique views, IN RESIDENCE engages 1 curator and 10 visual artists in 2-month residencies. The selected artists work across a range of practices including drawing, sculpture, installation, photography, video, and performance. Born between 1970 and 1987 – either during the U.S. military bombing campaign, the Khmer Rouge era, or Vietnamese occupation – the artists interpret their histories from different angles while many also respond to current urban and cultural change.

While the residencies serve as a base from which artists extend their research and practices in NYC, the public programs give an interactive scope to the program. We partner with leading institutions to create diverse platforms that contextualize Cambodia’s artistic production both on its own terms and as a part of a wider global dialogue.

We look forward to seeing you at the events.

Leeza Ahmady & Erin Gleeson

For more information, please contact the Visual Art team at visualart@seasonofcambodia.org