Community Council

The Season of Cambodia Community Council is a group of dedicated New Yorkers with ties to Cambodia who have come together to help support Season of Cambodia. They have interests in the arts, the region, and fostering social change.

The Council’s role is to help build momentum for the Festival among a broad audience, welcome Festival artists, and act as a crucial link to the larger community.

If you are interested in volunteering for the Festival with the Council, please fill out this Volunteer Form. We will get back to you soon with details!

Its main missions are to

  • act as a peer advisory committee to insure “connectivity” of festival
  • help bridge cultural gaps through translation and interpretation
  • host and welcome the Khmer artists
  • act as social media advocates
  • engage in a cultural  dialogue with the diaspora community
  • invite the diaspora community to experience Season of Cambodia
  • offer volunteer time to the festival

Season of Cambodia Community Council Chairs:
Sarah Eisinger, Senior Consultant, Real Estate Services, Tides Foundation
Chhaya Chhoum, Executive Director, MekongNYC